Thursday, March 07, 2013

Once Drawn Twice Published

This is a week of professional firsts:

First time I've been published in a medical journal (not something I was ever anticipating). For those of you in the medical field who might read it, check out the "Missed It" article in the latest The Annals of Internal Medicine. (The issue has a paywall, so if you're not a regular subscriber, you won't be able to download the PDF.)

It's also the first time I've been published in a science magazine (the same paywall is at play here, as well)—

...and the first time I've been published twice in one week.

It all stems from my work with a medical ethicist and academic at Penn State, Dr. Michael Green MD, MS, FACP. He's one of the pioneers of a sub-field of medicine that uses comics and graphic novels to aid in doctor/patient understanding, patient/illness understanding as well as medical professionals' understanding of themselves. Our short story (he wrote and I drew) appears in its entirety in the AoIM and in part in Science Magazine. He's also a really good amateur photographer. I've encouraged him to try to exhibit locally.

Shown here is the small article from Science magazine.

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